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Please note: I have helped many NCAA College Athletes that stated they would happily submit testimonials. However, NCAA regulations strictly prohibit student athletes from giving what would be deemed “endorsements” to a commercial enterprise.


“The Strength Coach at Pepperdine University, Jay Zemliak is doing some awesome deep tissue work called Neuromuscular Reeducation. This work is very therapeutic for all athletes.”

Bob Janis
Malibu, California


“Dear Jay, I wanted to thank you for the treatment sessions using your neuromuscular reeducation technique. As you know I have nerve damage in my right leg which I recently re-injured. The work you did on my leg dramatically shortened my recovery time and improved my function. I have had much physical therapy in the past but found your method the most helpful.”

With Sincere Thanks,
James C. DeMarco M.D.


"The NMR that Jay performs goes way beyond any form of massage or bodywork I've ever had in terms of actually making you feel and function better. Common aches and pains disappear under his hands and in their place is improved flexibility and range of motion. The results are real and lasting. I highly recommend Jay's work."

David Duchovny
Malibu, California


“If you have a sore back, rusty shoulder or trick knee, go to whoever you want first...physical therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, faith healer. But if you are smart, you will go to Jay Zemliak last. Jay and his NMR did for me in 2 sessions what 3 months of rehab failed to accomplish, got me standing up straight again and kept me away from the operating table. If you are in pain, you owe it to yourself to give Jay and NMR a try.”

H. Thomas Jones
Los Angeles, California


“Dear Jay, The muscular-neuro treatment you administered was unique and very helpful. The simultaneous use of movement and massage/pressure was different from any type of massage or deep tissue massage I have experienced. Immediately after the treatment my range of motion increased and I was more flexible and limber. When I swam a day later, it felt as though my muscles were already warmed up. I was more flexible and my times decreased slightly. I felt much more efficient in the water. I felt as though your experience and knowledge of the human body, muscles, nerves, etc. helped make the treatment even more effective. Thank you for sharing your expertise and experience with me. I look forward to our treatment on Wednesday.”

Steven Ravaglioli


"I have tried almost every kind of Eastern and Western treatment for back and neck injuries resulting from being rear ended by a truck almost two decades ago. Jay Z has given me more range of motion and relief from pain than I ever believed possible"

-Patti Marin Heid


"I had a 30 year career with the Los Angeles City Fire Dept, retiring in 2006. Over the course of that time I incurred numerous orthopedic injures to my neck, back, both shoulders and both knees. After a surgery, I would go through the standard rehab/therapy with OK results. When I had my last surgery (left knee) I went to Jay for therapy. The difference in the time to heal and the strength and mobility gained after just a few treatments was unbelievable. I recovered to full strength in a very short time with full mobility. His treatment for my open surgery of my left shoulder was just remarkable. Full strength and mobility in a short time. I have had Jay work on my neck and back as well and have gained more movement in those areas. I heartily recommend Jay as knowledgeable and effective hands on therapist who will get you the results you desire.

Beaver Valenzuela
Fire Captain, Retired


“Jay Zemliak is a true healer. The work he has done on my shoulder has been amazing. The NMR technique is like nothing else I have ever experienced. Its real world application to the healing art of massage has changed my vision of sports medicine treatments. I can recommend Jay’s work as worthwhile and life changing.”

Jay Rubin
Malibu, California


“Jay, thank you for helping my family. You relieved my wife’s headaches and back pain. My daughter got relief for her shoulder and back pain. I got relief from my shoulder and back pain. I highly commend Jay Zemliak because NMR really works and Jay has given us relief where all others have failed.”

Larry Larson


“I’ve been an athlete all my life, and thankfully never had any injuries. That is, until a summer tennis tournament I played before my senior season. I went to hit a forehand, and immediately heard something in my shoulder pop, and noticed a noticeable lack of strength when I played my match. During my senior season, I dealt with my shoulder issue, trying to hit my strokes in a way that wouldn’t make my shoulder injury flare up. I was sacrificing the technique and training I had honed for four years to compensate for an injury. Before the kickoff to the season, I found Jay through the NMR website. I got my first treatment with him, and went to practice the next day. The difference I felt immediately was unbelievable. Jay worked with on my shoulder almost weekly throughout the season. With him, and his advice on how to strengthen the muscles that had become injured, I played out my senior year relatively-pain free. At the national championships in May, I bought Jay a shirt because I knew that the only reason—aside from my three years of hard training—that I was there was because his treatments not only helped me avoid further injury, but helped me rehab my injury in season.”

Ben Staley
Thousand Oaks, California


“Jay’s modality and my daily exercise regime were a great compliment to my plan for a long term recovery and it has worked.”

Scott Halley


“Jay: The neck, shoulder, and back pain are gone; I'm back to bogey golf and going to the gym three days a week. Thanks.”

Jim Deacy


“I had a horrible car accident 20 years ago, which still causes me chronic back pain. About 2 years ago it got to the point where I couldn’t function normally in my own life. Working out became impossible and I started to gain weight, which made the problem worse. On a recommendation from a friend I decided to look up a therapist who specialized in Neuromuscular Reeducation. I was lucky enough to find Jay Zemliak. I was very nervous about trying this new therapy, but Jay was very professional with an extremely positive personality. After the first session I could feel the difference! I’m now working out regularly and shed 15 pounds. I feel like a new person thanks to Jay.”

Katrine Fernandes


“I had a deep hamstring pull with a lot of accumulated scar tissue which gave me ever increasing pain for over a year. I could not sit comfortably for over 20 minutes. Jay healed me in 4 sessions. Aggressive Yes but I would still have the problem without him. Thank you, Jay.”

John Aylsworth


“Dear Jay, I want to thank you so much for getting me through a variety of nagging orthopedic problems I have accumulated over the years. The Neuromuscular Reeducation system has worked wonders on my body. I have had acupuncture, neuromuscular massage, about every other type of massage, Rolfing and a variety of homeopathic injections and topical creams. But your NMR has helped me the most. I have a constant back problem with 4 herniated discs from Fire Fighting for 37 years. I prefer paying to get your body work over the free therapy the Workers Comp provides. Your treatment gets to the root of the problem, provides more relief and lasts longer than any other type treatment. I don't know if it was coincidence or not, but a few months after I started your treatment, I speared a World Record White Sea bass at 93.4 pounds. This is done free diving, or breath holding and this variety of fish is very elusive. Being calm and relaxed in the water is essential and I have never dove so good as I have after your treatment. All body parts just seemed to work freely and in unison.”

Thank you again Jay!
Bill Ernst


“Jay, I am writing this to thank you for helping me with my neck. As you know, my job involves sitting and bending over patients for long periods of time. As a result, the muscles in my neck have become very inelastic and painful. After your treatments, I can report that the pain in my neck has lessened dramatically and the movement has increased. I want you to know that because of the treatments I received to my shoulders and lower back my golf drive has increased 40 yards. My pro says I can drive longer than he can now. I think anyone who wants increased flexibility would benefit from your services.”

Paul Beckstead D.D.S.


“I'm an actor and a former athlete. I met Jay when I injured my shoulders during a play I was in. I tried many different ways to rehab my shoulders but nothing was working. I met Jay through a friend and got a session of NMR from him. I continued to see Jay once a week and the improvement in my shoulders was amazing. I was pain free after a month and after two months I was as strong as I'd ever been in my shoulders. NMR didn't just help my shoulders, it also helped the rest of my body. I booked Jay for sessions to go through the entire body using NMR and again the results were great. I usually have some lower back pain and stiffness and that went away after a few NMR sessions. I've tried everything from acupuncture to chiropractors to massage. And I can say that nothing has stood up to the benefits that I've felt from doing consistent NMR sessions with Jay. NMR is the only kind of body work that I've found that keeps working on you after the session is over. If you get even a couple of NMR sessions, you can feel the benefits working for you for months! The entertainment business can be extremely demanding, I'm always on the go and I need my body to be resilient and flexible and NMR sessions with Jay are the best way I've found to keep my body in the shape it needs to be in and to stay pain free.”

Phoenix Vaughn
Hollywood, CA


“The neuromuscular Reeducation technique that Jay Zemliak used for my shoulder was extremely helpful. I had been having shoulder pain for a week and Jay took my pain away in just 20 minutes. I am glad to know how effective this injury solution works!”

Cintia Tortorella


“Dear Jay, This letter is an expression of gratitude for the Neuromuscular Reeducation therapy that you provided me last fall over the course of several months. As a result of this effective method and your expertise, I increased my physical training and accelerated recovery from hip replacement.
Also unexpected, additional benefit was that the work done on my back and should improved my posture. I am extremely pleased with your excellent work and anticipate returning for “tune up’s” in the future. Thank you!”

Hamlin Emory, M.D.


“I have known Jay Zemliak for 30 years. Jay has always been into physical fitness, diet, and different methods of physical training. When Jay initially told me about NMR I was certainly interested, and anxious to receive treatment. I am an avid runner having completed 18 marathons. At my age (51), I tend to get a lot of aches and pains, and usually get monthly massages that feel good, but do little to relieve my pain and soreness. Jay gave me one treatment and I noticed that the level of my soreness and pain was reduced significantly. Additionally, I experienced more flexibility. I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in improving his/her physical well being to try NMR.”

Robert Fine
Fremont, California

World Class Bodywork
As Performed by Jay Zemliak- BS., CSCS - Certified PractionerNeuromuscular Reeducation